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Monetti style is a hereditary factor.

As you can see, Monetti has a history brimming in important names: but one must bear in mind that it has been written throughout four generations. And if the “Monetti style” is now recognised in Europe, in America and even in the Far East, it means that the four generations have not worked in vain.

Each generation exploited all the resources that were available to him into creating this "elegant history” which has led to the creation of the Monetti Style. Which, despite being far from “trendy” is always ready to take inspiration from what is “new” to bring these distant features into the present.

Attention is paid to detail, but the matching of colours is never taken to exasperation, and transgression is only admitted if it serves to highlight the slightest of details. The ancient culture it constantly refers to is one where stylish men and women never pass unnoticed.

On the contrary, arousing attention due to a detail that one only gets a glimpse of, making what has been achieved after strict design research appear totally accidental. Constant attention is paid to guarantee perfect manufacturing of the product, and all finishing touches including those which are hidden from the eye.


Eddy Monetti

The history of the label begins in Naples in 1887, where at No.50 Via Toledo, Eduardo Monetti opens a two-window shop dedicated exclusively to hats. Prestigious clients include, amongst others, tenor Enrico Caruso... Read More

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